Bathroom Mold

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Mold issues often start in the bathroom. Bathroom mold is often just a symptom of a bigger mold problem. What you may not know is that moisture doesn’t create mold colonies, the mold is already in your home.

Wait… what?

You read that correctly. Mold is already present in your home even if you don’t see it. Mold is only visible in its third stage and in its first two stages mold still produces spores and mycotoxins. Spores just bounce around your home on microcurrents and through HVAC systems waiting to land somewhere hospitable. Mold is an opportunist and it doesn’t discriminate. Wherever the conditions are right it will set up shop and in most bathrooms, the conditions are certainly right.

Mold Colonies and Health Concerns

Mold is often already present in virtually every drain in your home as well. Those mold colonies “spore out” and send little spore soldiers into the environment to conquer and take new ground. Mold also enters from the outside through open windows and doors. Although most strains of mold in low counts aren’t dangerous, some marker molds are dangerous at any level and most strains in high enough counts can affect your health. If you are interested in learning about symptoms of mold toxicity you can learn more by clicking below.

How to Reduce Bathroom Mold Issues

There are a few practical things you can do to help prevent mold in your bathroom.

1.  Take fast showers. This will cut down on humidity and the less moisture the less mold.

2. Install a high-quality fan. This will move more air and give you a fighting chance.

3. By far the best option, have My Pure Environment treat the home for mold and apply our silane bonded antimicrobial coating to all the surfaces. This will make your entire home uninhabitable for mold long term. If you are in need of bathroom mold removal services in San Francisco, Spokane or Coeur d’Alene give us a call!

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