Virus Disinfecting and Sanitizing Services in the Boston, San Francisco Bay Area, Spokane, & Fresno

Kills Pathogens (CORONAVIRUS)

EPA Certified

90-Day Protection

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Advanced Disinfecting 

Stage One, InstaPURE

We fog the entirety of the space, every square millimeter. The chemistry is made up of hydrogen peroxide and Peracetic Acid. It's a noncorrosive microdose that's atomized small enough to get wherever in the building the virus might have settled. Our microscopic particle is pressurized on delivery it gets pushed into every nook and cranny destroying any biological pathogen including Coronavirus.

Stage Two, EverPURE

In this stage, we turn the pressure up on our air compressors and fog every surface with our chemistry. This is a siline based antimicrobial that when applied, molecularly bonds to the treated surface. Microscopically the treated surface looks like a bed of nails. We call them nano spikes. You can't see them or feel them but there are billions and trillions of them. When the virus meets a treated surface it's killed on contact. The cell wall is punctured and it denatures. Keeping the building sanitary. Both Stage one and stage 2 are EPA approved all-natural. 


The Future of sterilization companies


Dry Fog (Our Patented Technology)

Smaller droplets rebound from surfaces creating a vapor. The vapor, as well as the fumes, create an inescapable environment for mold and bacteria. Our process does not require any costly and damaging demolition. 


Wet Fog or Ozone (Other Technology)

The larger droplets burst and create wet surfaces, like rain. The larger particle size also creates gaps in molecular coverage and leaves a residue.





Dry Fog technology is what sets My Pure Environment apart from the competition. Instead of spraying and wiping surfaces with towels and possibly missing the viruses on the surfaces, and not killing the viruses floating in the air. Tiny particles of dry fog fill the capacity of your home or office, destroying all the pathogens in its path. Our patented micron particle is so small that it continues to bounce around the room for several minutes before finally dissipating. The best part about developing such a particle is that it gets nothing in your home or office wet.




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Our Dry Fog Technology Kills Pathogens