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Home and Commercial Office Coronavirus Disinfection & Sterilization in Fresno

Greater Fresno, San Francisco & Boston

It is a known fact that washing and sanitizing your hands and other surfaces will aid in the prevention of the coronavirus. This virus is known to survive on surfaces for up to 17 days. As businesses begin to reopen, there will be increased contact with individuals and shared spaces. With this return to normal life, how can you be sure your home or business remains uncontaminated? 

According to the CDC, frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, phones, keyboards, toilets, light switches, and countertops should be cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis. Our EPA certified Pure Maintenance Dry Fog Technology is proven to destroy mold cells, viruses, and the coronavirus on contact, and covers every surface in a room, keeping it disinfected for at least 90 days on high touch point areas. 


How Does Dry Fog Technology Disinfect Coronavirus? 

Our Pure Maintenance Dry Fog system uses a two-step sterilization process with FDA approved and EPA registered sterilants made of all-natural products. The first stage uses a sterilant called Insta Pure that eradicates all pathogens in the environment. The second stage uses an antimicrobial called Ever Pure that covers every surface and prevents viruses and bacteria from living or further producing. 


These two sterilants are spread through the room and onto every surface through hoses that create a dry fog. Using dry fog allows incredibly small droplets of the sterilant to disperse and disinfect fabrics, machinery, and other surfaces that are not able to be regularly sanitized, leaving no water damage or residue. 

Safe and Proven! 

Pure Maintenance is 100% safe for humans and animals. Our trained technicians work quickly and effectively with natural products, which means the process will only take a couple of hours. You can be assured that your home or office is completely virus-free, allowing you to breathe easier. Contact us today for a solution to preventing the spread of Coronavirus, pathogens or mold.

How to set up a Dry Fog session


Step 1: Contact us to schedule a date and consultation


Step 2: Our trained technicians will confirm with you the rooms and areas you would like treated


Step 3: Hoses will be placed in treatment areas to distribute the Dry Fog


Step 4: In a few hours your room or workplace will be sanitized, and you’ll be breathing easier!

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