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Whether you’re a homeowner or a facilities manager, discovering a mold infestation is enough of a headache—that’s why we make mold remediation easy on you. Our patented dry fog mold removal process is demolition-free and gives long-lasting results in just a few hours. You won’t have to worry about any costly demo, messy cleanup, or time-consuming mold removal techniques. You won’t have to stay at a hotel or shut down your operations. You don’t even have to move your furniture, equipment, or electronics. Dry fog mold remediation is quick, safe, and effective.

Trusted Mold Remediation Company

Our technicians are all expertly trained and very thorough. We’ll inspect your home or facility inside and out, from top to bottom. We’ll let you know exactly what we find, and provide you with efficient, effective mold remediation that lasts.

When you go with My Pure Environment, you get: 

  • A Free Onsite Consultation 
  • Accurate Air Quality Assessment
  • Personalized Remediation Plan
  • EPA-Approved, Safe Mold Removal
  • Zero-Demolition Dry Fog Mold Remediation
  • A One-Year Guarantee

If you live in San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Clara, Coeur d’Alene, Spokane, or the surrounding areas, our experts will have you breathing easy in no time at all.

Step 1: Call us to schedule a date for your consultation. 
Step 2: Our technicians will inspect the site and confirm which rooms and areas you would like treated.
Step 3: Hoses will be placed in treatment areas to distribute the dry fog.
Step 4: In just a few hours, your home or workplace will be completely mold-free.

How Dry Fog Mold Remediation Works

We fill the room with a dry fog that kills mold spores on contact, in the air and on every surface. It can even penetrate deep enough into porous surfaces like drywall to neutralize hidden mold infestations.

First, we spray InstaPure, a fine mist of microparticles that attach to mold spores and kill them instantly. Its main ingredient, peracetic acid, is totally safe and approved by the EPA.  

Next, we spray EverPure, a powerful surface agent that creates an antimicrobial barrier. It produces a biostatic coating that resists contaminants and keeps mold and mildew away. 

Safe and Effective Mold Remediation

Dry fog mold remediation is safe for you, your kids, and your pets. It won’t damage your furnishings or electronics. It’s even safe for office equipment and machinery.

Our patented dry fog treatment penetrates into HVAC ducts and deep into all porous surfaces. We can even remove black mold in drywall and insulation, making your home safe to live in again.

And our services always come with a 1-year, mold-free guarantee. If you find mold in areas we’ve treated before the year is out, we’ll come back and make things right.

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