Buyers Who Waive Home Inspections Have Been Finding Mold After Moving In!

With the demand for houses at an all-time high, some buyers are considering dangerous tactics to win bidding wars. Waiving inspections can appeal to sellers, but is it really going to be worth it? You could be opening yourself up to undetected mold issues in your new Santa Clara home.

My Pure Environment offers the most comprehensive home mold inspections on the market. We’ve helped potential buyers identify dangerous, mold-ridden homes, so they can adjust their offers accordingly. Today we’ll explain why you should reconsider waiving inspections to win a bidding war, and how to “sweeten the deal” for a seller without putting yourself or your family at risk.

Home Inspections Find More Than Just Mold

The potential for mold in warm climates like here in Santa Clara is as high as the demand for houses. Mold grows best between 60°F and 80°F degrees. If the humidity level is high—like after a rainstorm—mold spores can take root in attics, basements, and crawl spaces.

Home inspections help you find the warning signs of mold and can alert you to other potential dangers as well. A leaky roof, cracked basement walls, or poor water drainage on the lot can mean that it’s only a matter of time before mold sets in. Additionally, structural damage and wiring or plumbing problems can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Waiving a home inspection and finding mold is bad, but waving the inspection and finding a leaky roof or crumbling foundation can be much much worse! If you still want to win a bidding war, here are some alternative tactics you can try instead of waiving inspections.

How to Win a Home Bidding War without Waiving Inspections

To win a bidding war, you’ll want to offer something that’s appealing to the seller. The simplest way is to just offer more money. You can also add a time limit to your offer. Offering well over the asking price and giving the seller 4 to 6 hours to accept will put them in a fear-of-loss situation. They may accept your offer before other bids have the chance to come in, and you can avoid a bidding war entirely.

In lieu of totally waiving a home inspection, you could also opt for a limited inspection, like one that only looks for mold or structural damage. “Walk and talk” or visual inspections are another alternative to full home inspections. They don’t provide an official report, but they can alert you to potential issues without putting the responsibility on the seller to correct them.

Accidentally bought a moldy home? We can help!

If you bought a home in Santa Clara, CA this summer and waived inspections to get it, you may want to contact My Pure Environment to make sure you’re not living in a mold-infested environment. The dangers of mold exposure are extremely serious, and should never be taken lightly. We offer free consultations and virtual inspections. Contact us today to get your new home tested!

Image used under creative commons license commercial use – (9/2/2021) Tierra Mallorca (Unsplash)

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