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Cleaning Protocols During COVID-19 in California

In our last post we discussed how local California businesses are coping with the coronavirus by turning to hospital-grade cleaning technology from My Pure Environment. Disinfecting the surfaces in your business environment adds an extra layer of protection for your staff and your customers—we offer the leading disinfection service for COVID-19 for your business.

Cleaning for California Businesses

In another news segment, which aired on May 8th, ABC 7 interviewed a local San Francisco cannabis dispensary MediThrive, reporting on how businesses are going above and beyond the standard face mask and sanitizing wipe protocol to ensure safety for their customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Reporter Amy Hollyfield describes her observation of the cleaning process, noting that the fog spray had a vague vinegar scent to it. The footage shows My Pure Environment’s 2-step fog technology being sprayed onto commonly-used surfaces and products of cardboard and glass alike. As research from the NIH has shown, the novel coronavirus can live on surfaces for days, so it is paramount that you keep your business surfaces clean.

How it Works

My Pure Environment manager Anatoly Nazarov explains the two-step fog treatment process saying, “we fill any given space up with a fog. The fog is made out of hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid and that is known and recognized by the CDC and the EPA to eradicate the coronavirus. The second stage is a silicon-based antimicrobial. What it does is it molecularly bonds to the surfaces and we guarantee that for 90 days. As we go, it kills the virus.”

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Misha Breyburg, founder and CEO of Medithrive dispensary reiterates the importance of public safety and vigilance against the virus, stating “In a day and age like this, anything that can be done to help keep people healthy is a good thing.” He also mentions that customers should feel it safe and necessary to demand such protocols be taken by companies to ensure their health and safety at this time. If you are looking for a disinfection service for COVID-19 for your California business give My Pure Environment a call today. Giving your staff and your customers peace of mind is invaluable.

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