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Disinfecting Your Office or Commercial Building After Coronavirus

During this second stage of reopening during COVID-19, businesses are faced with the challenge of ensuring that their customers and staff feel safe in the face of a pandemic. Already, the reports of businesses having to shut down to manage exposure to the virus are soaring. Business owners and customers alike should make sure every precaution has been taken to protect their health. That is why at My Pure Environment, we offer a two-step fog treatment—a powerful coronavirus disinfectant that lasts 90 days.

What you can do

Our CDC and EPA recognized two-stage treatment is a guaranteed way to kill the virus and provide you with a safe and germ-free environment using all-natural coronavirus disinfectants.

We make sure that our service is as convenient as possible for our clients.

  1. Contact us to set a time that works for you

  2. On-site consultation

  3. Confirmation of plan and cost

  4. Set aside 3 - 4 hours for treatment process

  5. Breathe in fresh air

What we do

Our trained technicians will distribute the germ-killing dry fog technology using stationary and handheld hoses to ensure that every surface area is sterilized, preventing viruses and bacteria from further living or producing. This process allows for areas that are not easily disinfected to be treated as it does not leave any water residue behind. This process keeps surfaces disinfected for at least 90 days.

Contact us today!

Contact us today for a solution to preventing the spread of coronavirus, pathogens or mold. Greater Fresno: (559) 719-6867, Bay Area: (408) 547-4148 or email us for more information: info@mypureenvironment.com. Our team at My Pure Environment looks forward to working with your business to keep your customers and staff as safe as possible!

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