Does Bleach Kill Mold?

A quick internet search for how to kill mold will produce dozens of results suggesting a mixture of bleach and water. The EPA isn’t fully clear on whether or not bleach will kill mold. So in today’s post we will answer the question once and for all, does bleach kill mold?

Will bleach kill mold?

No. Bleach does not completely kill mold. Bleach can kill some of the mold on the surface, and remove mold stains, but it does not kill the entire mold colony. Some research even suggests that treating a mold infestation with bleach will not only not kill it, but can cause it to grow back stronger in response. This can be particularly true for black mold, and the remaining spores can have dangerous health effects for anyone exposed.

Bleach will not kill the entirety of a black mold infestation on wood, drywall, or fabric. It can also be damaging to these surfaces. You’re better off not using bleach to deal with mold problems.

If bleach doesn’t kill mold, what does?

White vinegar is the most effective home remedy for removing small amounts of mold. The caveat is that there is very little the average homeowner can do to completely kill a mold infestation. Consumers lack the access to powerful sterilants, or the professional distribution methods used by professional mold remediation companies.

The amount of mold that is visible is a very small part compared to the size of the total infestation. Mold hides behind walls, in cracks, and under tile and carpet. To completely rid your home of black mold, you need to call a professional mold remediation company.

To Completely Kill Black Mold, Call a Professional in Spokane, WA

The methods used by our mold remediation experts here at My Pure Environment in Spokane, Washington are able to penetrate behind walls and under tile to completely eradicate mold. Our powerful sterilant goes everywhere that air goes. The tiny droplets travel the same way mold spores do. That’s why it’s so effective at killing mold. Plus, it’s non-invasive, which means that you won’t be left with a huge remodeling bill once we’re done. Give us a call for a free consultation.

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