How Dangerous Are Mycotoxins from Smoking Moldy Weed?

As the commercial marijuana industry ramps up, there’s a greater emphasis on regulation. Cannabis is regulated by the same entity that controls food production, and, just like food, weed can become moldy. Smoking moldy weed can expose you to mycotoxins that have a wide range of harmful effects.

My Pure Environment has been educating individuals and corporate entities about the dangers of mold for a long time. We’re passionate about ensuring that everyone lives in a clean, safe, mold-free environment. Today we’ll cover the effects of mycotoxins from smoking moldy weed, and how you can learn to identify moldy weed so you can avoid the harmful side effects.

What are the effects of mycotoxins from smoking moldy weed?

For most, it’s more unpleasant than dangerous. Unless you are allergic to mold or have a weakened immune system, smoking moldy weed probably won’t have long lasting effects. It could make you feel nauseous or cause vomiting. It won’t taste good, and you will probably cough more than you normally would.

However, if you are allergic to mold you could end up with upper respiratory inflammation, sinus pain, or congestion. If you have a weakened immune system, or a lung condition like asthma, smoking moldy weed could have seriously dangerous effects.

Certain species of fungi can cause deadly infections in the lungs and the brain. It’s worth noting that the number of cases in which someone smoked moldy weed and ended up with a brain infection are few and far between, but it’s never a good idea to smoke moldy weed.

How do I avoid smoking moldy weed?

Always store your bud properly. Don’t put it in the fridge or freezer. When you remove it from a cold place, it could collect condensation from the air, which increases the risk of growing mold. Store your bud at room temperature in a sealed, air-tight glass container like a mason jar.

Be sure to inspect your bud when you remove it from the container. Check for greyish wispy patches of mold growth. Break up the bud and look inside, too. If you find any mold, throw the bud out. It’s better to dispose of moldy weed than to risk getting sick or ending up with an infection from smoking it.

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