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How to Find Out If You Have Mold Behind Your Walls

Updated: Apr 27

Whether your home is large or small, old or new, it may be at risk for mold growth behind its walls. The presence of mold can damage both your property and your health, so it’s important to know how to find out if you have mold in your home.

At My Pure Environment in Spokane, we want you to understand how to detect mold in your home so you can protect your property and yourself. Here are five common signs of mold behind your walls that you should watch out for.

5 Signs There’s Mold Behind Your Walls

The sooner you get rid of mold, the quicker you can get back to breathing easy in your home. Knowing how to detect its presence can help you remove the mold behind your walls as soon as possible. Keep an eye out for these signs of mold:

1. Musty Smells

While not all molds produce an odor, a persistent “basement smell” in your home is a sign that unwanted fungi are living in your house.

2. Peeling Wallpaper

Mold thrives on humidity, so long-term moisture will eventually cause fungal growth. If your wallpaper is bubbling, cracking, or peeling, chances are there’s mold behind it.

3. Water Stains

Water-damaged areas are a great place for mold to grow. If you see water stains, you should definitely check for mold.

4: Spotty Walls

Discolored walls can also be the result of mold colonies. Mold comes in different colors, so take notice of any dark, fuzzy, white, green, brown, or even orange patches.

5: Allergy Symptoms

If mold is growing behind your walls, you may be unable to see or smell it. However, you may notice symptoms of mold allergies. If you suffer from allergy symptoms, but they get better once you leave the house, mold allergies may be the source. Investigate your walls for mold if you experience:

  • Coughing and sneezing

  • Itchy or sore throat

  • Congestion or runny nose

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Irritated skin

Testing for Mold Behind Walls

If you see mold in your house, no testing is necessary. Any type of mold should be removed immediately. However, if you can’t physically see mold, but suspect that it is present behind your walls, your next step is to test for mold.

Home test kits, however, are not always reliable. At-home mold test kits collect airborne spores, but this form of testing doesn’t always accurately assess the amount of mold present in your space. The most reliable way to test for the presence of mold is to call in the experts.

A professional mold remediation company can properly assess how much mold is in your home and advise you on the necessary steps for removing it. My Pure Environment offers free mold inspections so you can start breathing easily again.

How to Remove Mold Behind Your Walls

If you find mold in your home, you might run for your bucket and sponge. But, before trying to get rid of the mold yourself, you should know that the best way to ensure your mold is removed thoroughly and properly is to hire a professional.

Black mold produces mycotoxins, which weaken the immune system and cause health problems like asthma, fatigue, rashes, and memory loss. Black mold behind your walls can be hazardous to your health, and attempting to remove it on your own can have severe consequences.

Protect yourself and your family by getting help from My Pure Environment. Our professionals specialize in demolition-free removal, so we can effectively and efficiently remove the mold behind your walls without destroying your home.

Mold Remediation in Spokane

My Pure Environment provides the community of Spokane with safe, demolition-free mold testing and removal. All of our clients receive a free home inspection and high-quality service. If you notice signs of mold behind your walls, schedule a free inspection or call our team at 509-213-1915 to keep your home safe and your family healthy.

Photo by Jon Moore on Unsplash

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