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How to Make a DIY Disinfectant for Coronavirus

Updated: Jan 11

disinfectant for coronavirus

How to Make a DIY Disinfectant for Coronavirus

The CDC published a list of commercial disinfectants for coronavirus sterilization, called List N. Many of these commercial disinfectants are now either difficult to find, or grossly overpriced due to high demand. So how do you keep your home or workplace clean and free of the pathogen that causes Covid-19?

One solution is to make your own disinfectants to kill coronavirus. The components are inexpensive, and readily available. In fact, you probably already have them in your home. We’ll cover a few of the CDC’s recommended coronavirus disinfectant recipes, and how you can easily make them yourself at home.

Hard Non-porous Surface Disinfectant for coronavirus

The go-to DIY coronavirus disinfectant, approved by the CDC, is very simple. You will need:

  • Household bleach (between 5.25% - 8.25% sodium hypochlorite)

  • Room temperature distilled water

If you don’t have distilled water, you can make it at home. It is a time consuming process, and if that scares you off, then just try to use filtered water for these recipes.

Here’s what you need to do to make a basic disinfectant for coronavirus:

  1. In a large, clean container, combine ⅓ cup of household bleach with 1 gallon of room-temp distilled water.

  2. For small batches, combine 4 tsp bleach with 1 quart of room-temp distilled water.

  3. Transfer the mixture to a spray bottle.

  4. Spray on and let sit for 10 minutes to sufficiently disinfect surfaces.

  5. For food-contact surfaces, you must rinse the surface with warm water after disinfecting, to ensure proper food safety.

This DIY disinfectant will get you through most situations, but if you’ve ever read the warning labels on household bleach, there’s some things you should know. Always make sure you’re working in a well-ventilated area when applying this disinfectant. Don’t combine this mixture with other chemicals—especially those with ammonia, like dish soap or glass cleaner. Don’t combine bleach with rubbing alcohol or acidic compounds, such as vinegar, either. Dangerous chlorine gas can form in reaction to mixing these compounds, and you can end up with severe respiratory damage as a result.

What if you need to disinfect your electronics?

Phones and commonly used items like mice and keyboards are perfect places for viral transmission. Disinfecting these items can be tricky, since you don’t want to damage your electronics in the process.

To disinfect your electronics, you will need:

  • A solution of 70% or greater Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)

You can typically find 70% IPA in your grocery store. You should also look for IPA in concentrations of 90% or above. It’s occasionally found in drug stores, but your best bet is to order it online. Here’s what you will need to do:

  1. Pour a solution of 70% or greater Isopropyl Alcohol into a spray bottle.

  2. Apply it to a soft, lint-free cloth or cotton ball.

  3. If possible, power off your device.

  4. Wipe down the surfaces of the device with the cloth

  5. Let sit for 30 seconds.

  6. Make sure device is dry before powering back on

Isopropyl alcohol in concentrations of 70% or greater have been shown to kill the pathogen that causes Covid-19. It won’t damage electronics because it’s non-conducive, non-corrosive, and evaporates at room temperature. High concentrations of IPA can be extremely flammable, so always make sure to read the warning label before use.

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