How to Remove Mold from Wooden Furniture, Cabinets, and Decks

As the weather cools off in San Francisco, and the humidity outside rises, there’s a hidden danger that comes along with it. The seasons can be hard on outdoor furniture and patios. The increased humidity and cool temperatures make mold growth more common. Wooden decks and patio furniture can become a haven for mold.

For mold to grow, it needs a food source. Oftentimes that food source is organic and fibrous. Wood is an excellent source for many types of mold, including black mold. So with the knowledge that mold can often grow on wood, keep reading for tips on how to remove mold from wood like furniture, decks, and cabinets?

How do You Remove Mold from Wood?

You can remove black mold or green mold from wood decks and furniture using a stiff bristle brush and a mold-killing solution. There are plenty of off-the-shelf options that make for effective mold killers. We discussed in a previous post how to make your own mold-fighting solution from distilled white vinegar.

You’ll want to address any outdoor mold issues as soon as you spot them. Leaving mold unchecked can cause wood to rot, leaving you with expensive repairs. Because mold is such a tricky thing to deal with and can have severe negative effects on your health, we don’t recommend tackling mold problems on your own.

How To Remove a Green Mold from a Wood Deck

You can remove green mold from a wood deck with distilled white vinegar. Mix a one-to-one solution of white vinegar and water. Apply it to the moldy surface and let it sit for an hour. Use a stiff bristle brush to remove any loose mold or debris and rinse the surface. If the mold stain is still visible, you can repeat the procedure as necessary until the mold is gone.

Be sure to don the appropriate PPE before tussling with any mold infestation. Goggles, face masks, and gloves are a must. Wearing clothes that can either be thrown away, or washed immediately after (separate from any other articles of clothing), is recommended.

If you are wondering how to remove black mold from wood, it’s better to give us a call right away. Black mold can cause serious health effects and should be dealt with by a professional.

How to Remove Mold from Wood Cabinets or Wood Furniture Indoors

If the mold has moved indoors, you’ll want to call a professional to address the problem. There’s nothing you can do to reduce the “mold load” in your home without specialized equipment. If mold is visible in your cabinets, it’s also behind your cabinets and elsewhere in your home.

The methods described above can be used to remove small amounts of surface mold from wood cabinets and wood furniture, but the best thing to do is call a professional mold remediation company. Our technicians can take a sample of your air quality and test it to see just how much mold you’re being exposed to.

Know When to Call a Professional

Any time you’re dealing with a mold infestation, you have to consider the health and safety of yourself and those in your home or office. At My Pure Environment, we use fast, effective methods for completely removing mold from your home. Our experts know exactly how to remove mold from wood cabinets and furniture. Our Dry Fog remediation blankets the entire room and stops mold spores in their tracks. We proudly serve San Francisco and Santa Clara, California. Call us today for a free consultation!

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