How to Tell If Your Drywall Is Moldy

Drywall may be fire-resistant, but it certainly isn’t water-resistant. Because it’s so absorbent, it can easily fall victim to mold growth. And moldy drywall is dangerous—to your health and to the structure of your house. Getting rid of mold before it can cause serious damage is what we do best here at My Pure Environment of San Francisco.

What does mold on drywall look like?

Drywall is made of compressed gypsum powder that’s covered on both sides with a layer of thick paper. Like all living organisms, mold needs food, oxygen, and water to survive. Mold can eat almost any organic substance, including paper. When drywall gets wet, mold can start to grow.

If your drywall is absorbing moisture, you might notice the dark, spotty stains that indicate mold growth. You may see some fuzzy growth, or irregular spots ranging in color from brown or black to green and even pink. Or, you might notice bubbling or peeling paint, which indicates water damage as well as possible mold.

What causes mold on walls?

  • Humidity: Lack of ventilation in bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms traps humidity and makes drywall get damp.
  • Condensation: Moisture that builds up on windows and pipes can drip and seep into your drywall.
  • Leaks: Any leaks in your pipes, roof, gutters, foundation, skylights, or windows can cause water damage and mold in drywall.
  • Floods: Water damage from floods caused by burst pipes or storms can also make drywall get moldy.

How to Remove Mold from Drywall

If the mold is confined to a small area, you may be able to remove it yourself. First, you’ll need to repair any leaks or cracks at the source of the problem. And, depending on the extent of the damage, some sections of drywall may need to be replaced.

For your own safety, it’s always best to rely on a professional for mold removal and remediation. Some molds release toxic spores, and without proper safety gear and training, you could endanger your health trying to get rid of mold. If you’ve noticed signs of mold on your drywall, reach out to us for a free inspection.

Professional Mold Removal in San Francisco

For effective, long-lasting mold removal, contact the experts at My Pure Environment. Our patented dry fog technology seeks and destroys mold without destroying your drywall. If you need mold remediation in your San Francisco home, call us at 408-741-9878 or schedule a free initial inspection online today.

Photo by Cory Woodward on Unsplash used with permission under the Creative Commons license for commercial use 1/31/2022.

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