The Dangers of Flash Floods and Mold

Flash floods can be incredibly dangerous. They cause extreme amounts of damage each year in the United States. But outside the immediate threat of flood damage lurks another, potentially greater threat—flash flooding causes mold growth.

Mold exposure can have severe negative impacts on your health and well being. With flash flood warnings being issued for much of the San Francisco Bay area recently, we thought it would be a good idea to talk a little bit about the dangers of flash flooding and what effect it has on mold growth.

Flash Flood Mold Dangers

It’s no secret that moisture increases mold growth. With flash flooding, an intense amount of water gets introduced to your home very quickly. The worst thing about flash flooding is how much debris and particulate matter it brings along with it. This debris can pick up mold and bacteria along the way, and deposit it right on your living room floor.

Even if the water level only reaches a few inches high, building materials like wood and drywall suck up moisture easily. This allows mold to grow inside your walls, and spread all the way to the ceiling.

What to Do about Flash Floods in San Francisco

The most important thing to consider during a flash flood is the health and safety of yourself and your family. If you’re in the path of the water, get out quickly and find higher ground. Pay attention to any warnings issued for your area, and have a plan in case you find yourself in harm’s way.

Once the water has receded it’s important to remove as many wet or damp items from the water damaged room as possible. Bring any furniture, clothing, and other wet items outside or to a dry, undamaged part of the house. Removing wet items from the room will help it dry out faster. You can rent floor dryers to help speed up the process, although if you live in an area that sees frequent flooding, you might have trouble finding one.

Call My Pure Environment if Your San Francisco Home Has Been Damaged in a Flash Flood

The trained professionals at My Pure Environment can help you identify the signs of mold growth and give your entire home a powerful mold-killing treatment. Our remediation methods are fast, effective, and—best of all—non-invasive.

You’ve got enough to worry about after a flood, and a repair bill from mold treatment shouldn’t be one of them. We offer free virtual inspections and online consultations. Contact us today to get a free quote and learn more about how we can help.

Image used under creative commons license commercial use – (8/9/2021) Nazrin B-va (Unsplash)

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