The Dry Fog System that Eradicates Mold and Bacteria

As businesses and schools are beginning to re-open across the country, the question of safety is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Although things here in Santa Clara aren’t likely to re-open any time soon, you may already be wondering how clean your home or office is.

At My Pure Environment, we have the tools to ensure your environment is safe and healthy. We use dry fog technology to completely eradicate mold and bacteria throughout your entire home or office. Our two step process is safe and effective. Read on to learn more about how it works, and how we can help clean your environment.

Our Disinfectant is Safe for the Environment and Very Effective

Our patented fogging system is safe and highly effective against mold and bacteria. It penetrates everywhere that air (and mold spores) can reach—areas where wipes and sprays just can’t clean. It contains our own disinfectant mixture of hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid which is non-corrosive to surfaces.

The particles emitted by the fogger are small enough that they bounce off of surfaces. This means that when we treat your home or office for mold and bacteria, you won’t have to worry about getting anything wet. It’s environmentally friendly too. The ingredients of our disinfectant decompose into biodegradable compounds which means that it won’t harm the environment or your pets.

Our Fogger Eradicates Mold and Bacteria with a 2 Step Process

Our patented dry fog kills mold and bacteria in two simple steps.

Step 1: InstaPURE

InstaPURE is the application of our disinfectant in a unique micro-particle form. These particles are sprayed into the air and bounce around the room until they attach to a mold spore or viral body. Once they find their target, they eradicate it.

Step 2: EverPure

EverPure is the application of our sterilant which settles on surfaces and creates an anti microbial barrier. Microscopically, it looks a bit like a bed of nails. This barrier pierces the viral envelope and destroys mold spores and bacteria on contact.

Treatment Takes 3 – 4 Hours and Protects for 90 Days

We go through your home or office, room by room, sanitizing each room and leaving behind the purest air you’ve ever breathed. Applications typically take between 3 and 4 hours depending on the size of the space.

Our EverPURE treatment protects surfaces against microbes and lasts at least 90 days. This means we’ll solve your mold problem and keep it from coming back for almost three months!

Commercial Sanitization in the Santa Clara/San Francisco Area

If you need to sanitize your home or office space in the Santa Clara/San Francisco area contact us at My Pure Environment to schedule an onsite air consultation today.

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