What Causes Black Mold and How to Identify It

Black mold, also known as stachybotrys chartarum, is a dangerous household mold. Those exposed to black mold are also exposed to the toxic compounds it produces—mycotoxins. According to the World Health Organization, mycotoxins can cause a variety of adverse health effects. Regardless of the type, molds should be treated the same with respect to potential health risks and removal.

What does it look like?

Black mold gets its name from its dark black appearance. Mold differs in colors, most of them being green or gray. This specific mold is noted to have a noticeably strong musty odor. The size of the patch of mold is dependent on the moisture the mold has had access to.

What causes black mold?

Mold is created when spores are exposed to moisture, temperature, and organic matter. Warm, damp, and dark areas are favored environments for black mold to grow. Areas that are constantly damp such as inside air ducts, pipes, basements, and areas that have flooded are where mold tends to form.

Should I be concerned?

All mold should be removed to avoid health issues and further mold damage. Black mold is no different, and is not cause for additional stress. The California Department of Public Health explains the following about mold and health:

“The presence of visible mold, visible moisture, water-damaged materials, or mold odor in a building is clearly linked to increased risk of various respiratory health effects. These health effects include asthma development, asthma exacerbation, allergies, respiratory infections, and a variety of upper and lower respiratory symptoms. The more extensive or severe the dampness and mold, the greater the risk of health effects. The health effects also depend on the susceptibility of the occupants. Speak to your doctor if you have concerns about the health effects of mold.”

What do I do?

As mentioned above, if you find mold in your space the first thing you should do is limit exposure and rid the area of mold. Getting rid of black mold yourself is possible. However, it requires protective wear such as masks and gloves as well as proper cleaning supplies. It could also require demolition or removal to completely eradicate the mold spores. With our dry fog technology, we are able to rid your environment of mold and mold spores in hard to reach areas such as vents and crawl spaces with no damage to your property.

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