What Is Bud Rot?

Bud rot fungus (Botrytis cinerea) is a type of mold that every cannabis grower dreads. Also known as gray mold, bud rot can destroy plants in the middle of flowering or ruin an entire harvest by infesting buds as they dry. If you grow marijuana plants, you need to know how to stop bud rot so you can prevent gray mold from killing your crop.

What causes bud rot?

Typically, gray mold is the result of too much moisture. Overwatering and high humidity can both contribute to bud rot. Soggy soil adds more moisture to the air as the excess water evaporates. Dense foliage can also trap too much moisture near the buds and stems of your plants, so trimming away some of the leaves during growth can help prevent gray mold. Using fans, especially during humid weather, will also help to control humidity levels in your grow room.

What does bud rot look like?

Because it grows inside the dense core of the flower, bud rot can be difficult to detect. You might have to break a bud open in order to see the mold inside. If you do find bud rot, dispose of that plant immediately, so that the infestation can’t spread to the rest of your crop. It’s better to lose one plant than your whole harvest!

Signs of bud rot to watch out for include:

  • gray, mushy stems
  • wilted, yellow leaves
  • buds that look soggy and then turn gray or brown
  • gray webbing or powdery white spores
  • harvested buds that look gray inside

When does bud rot strike?

Gray mold can strike at any time while your plants are growing and even after harvest during the curing process. Once it starts growing, gray mold spreads quickly, sending its spores through the air and infesting the rest of your crop.

During Flower Development

Bud rot starts in the stems of your plants and then spreads from the stems to the buds. It can actually begin before flowers even start to form, but it’s difficult to spot until your buds have started growing.

After Harvest

Bud rot can also strike while harvested buds are drying. If there is too much moisture in your curing area, gray mold could take out an entire harvest.

How can I prevent bud rot?

You can’t keep mold spores out of your air supply, but you can control the conditions that cause mold to grow. Here are a few tips for preventing gray mold in your grow room:

  • Control humidity—keep humidity levels under 50% by using fans or a dehumidifier.
  • Keep things clean—use an oxidate cleaning solution and a HEPA filter backpack vacuum.
  • Check regularly for signs of bud rot and remove any infected plants immediately.
  • Trim leaves and break up large buds before drying.
  • Get professional mold remediation to stop bud rot in its tracks!

Mold Removal and Remediation in Spokane

Keeping mold under control is imperative if you’re a grower. You can’t sell your cannabis buds if they are infested with mold. Don’t let bud rot cost you all the work and resources it took to grow, harvest, and cure your crop. The experts at My Pure Environment know how to stop bud rot and can help you protect the rest of your plants. For professional mold removal and remediation in Spokane, call (509) 213-1915 today.

Photo by Avery Meeker on Unsplash used with permission under the Creative Commons license for commercial use 5/31/2022.

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