What To Do if Your House Is Flooded

Among natural disasters we experience in the U.S., floods are the most common. If you live in California, you have a 1 in 5 chance for being vulnerable to flooding. Whether the culprit is flash floods from heavy rains (which southern california is susceptible to) or coastal flooding, the end result is the same—you have water where it doesn’t belong.

When there is a flood inside the house, mold can grow.

For people who are very old or very young, mold exposure can be especially harmful. Asthma can become worse. Fungal infections may happen in the immunocompromised. If you have a mold problem, get the help of an expert who can utilize safe, non-invasive methods to remove mold. Don’t put the health of you or your loved ones at risk!

Preparing for a Potential Flood Inside the House

If you know a flood or heavy rains are coming, do what you can to protect your home. Remember, if you are in danger and being told to evacuate, do so! Create a flood emergency plan for your home if you live in an area that’s vulnerable to flooding.

Before the flood, follow these steps:

  1. Make copies of your most important documents and photograph your valuables.
  2. List your possessions and their approximate value (ex: fridge: $1200).
  3. Move anything not bolted down to a higher elevation.
  4. Relocate all basement items to the second story.

Flood insurance is a wise investment if your home is susceptible to floods. However, you’ll still have to deal with the mold in order to save your home.

What to Do if Your House Floods

If you had a flood inside the house, first, you’ll need to have the damage assessed. You don’t want to move your family back into a home that has mold.

Call a professional mold remediation company

  • They will assess damage professionally
  • After identifying mold areas they’ll help you create a plan to remove the mold
  • My Pure Environment can remove mold without demolition!

Wait for moisture from the flooding to subside

  • Be patient
  • Help along the process by using floor dryers
  • Weather permitting, open doors and windows

Mold Remediation Experts in California

If you’ve experienced flood damage in your California home, call the mold remediation professionals at My Pure Environment! Mold grows fast, and it can take over your home and pollute your air in a matter of days.

We offer a complete home inspection which can now be done virtually via FaceTime or Zoom, for your comfort. The virtual walk-through and estimate should take less than 15 minutes.

When you’re ready to schedule your treatment, My Pure Environment will clean your home using our non-destructive remediation methods. We’ll ensure you return to a safe and clean environment as quickly as possible!

Photo used under creative commons license – (5/20/21) Chris Gallagher (Unsplash)

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