Mold Removal Company in Cupertino, CA

Demolition-Free Mold Remediation in Cupertino

Home of major company Apple Inc, Cupertino is a research center and technological powerhouse. This is a city that thrives on innovation and fast thinking. However, issues like mold can impede office productivity as well as personal downtime. My Pure Environment can resolve your mold problem in just a few hours with our patented dry fog technology.

Mold Inspection in Cupertino

If you smell a musty smell around your home or office, or if you experience persistent allergy symptoms, you could have a mold infestation. Mold isn’t always a visible problem, but our free standard inspection will determine the location and cause of mold in your home or workplace. 

Our comprehensive inspection includes full lab testing with multiple samples. We’ll provide reports for each sample as well as a visual inspection of the space and an onsite consultation. We’ll advise you on the next best steps to getting rid of the mold issue for good.

Mold Testing in Cupertino

Our trained technicians will take air samples as well as surface samples and send them to a lab for analysis. Depending on the location and type of mold present, we can recommend a mold remediation plan tailored to your needs. We also offer Visual Contact Sensitivity Testing to help you determine whether you could be suffering from mold-related health problems. 

Mold Remediation in Cupertino

Our patented dry fog technology condenses two powerful cleansing agents, EverPURE and InstaPURE, into a mist of tiny droplets. This “dry fog” method is not only fast acting, it’s super  effective, because it penetrates porous surfaces and other hard to reach spots. The entire process takes only a few hours, you can quickly get your life back on track.

My Pure Environment Can Get Rid of Mold for Good!

Our mold remediation treatments also work against mildew and other harmful pathogens. Don’t let mold slow you down! If you suspect there may be mold in your home or office building in Cupertino, please contact us today for a free inspection.