Mold Removal Company in Fresno, CA

Demolition-Free Mold Remediation

My Pure Environment is one of Fresno’s most affordable and effective mold removal and remediation companies. Call Us at (559) 315-1818 to Schedule your Free Onsite Air Quality Assessment!

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Our Mold remediation services are:

  • Fast: Response times of less than an hour
  • Effective: Your home or business will be 100% mold-free, guarantee
  • Professional: Just listen to what one satisfied customer has to say

“Had a really bad tenant damage my garage with mold. My Pure was flexible with my financial situation and did a quick yet professional job enabling me to sell my house. Thanks guys!”
– Steve Roberts

We offer these excellent services:

  • Free Onsite Consultation 
  • Accurate Air Quality Assessment
  • Personalized Remediation Plan
  • EPA-Approved Safe Mold Removal
  • Zero-Demolition Dry Fog Mold Remediation
  • One-Year Guarantee!

Looking for Fast, Affordable Mold Removal Services in Fresno, California?

At My Pure Environment, we use a two-stage dry fog mold remediation method that is both safe and effective at removing mold and harmful pathogens from your home or office building. We service any type of building, big or small. Call us today for a free, no-obligation, on-site air consultation.

During the consultation, we’ll take the time to fully assess your air quality. Our highly trained mold removal technicians will also perform a visual mold inspection for the presence of dangerous black mold. After that, we’ll develop a personalized mold remediation plan for your home or business. We’ll treat each room with exactly the right amount of our powerful mold-killing sterilant to get the job done right.

No Prep Work Required!

Other mold removal companies might require you to remove furniture or electronics from your home before they arrive. Not with My Pure Environment! You don’t have to remove anything from your home for our treatment. We use a patented dry fog technology to eradicate mold and bacteria. It won’t damage electronics and it penetrates deep into fabrics and furniture. Leave everything where it is, we’ll clean it all.

Effective & Safe Mold Remediation

With our unique dry fogging mold remediation method, we create a blanket that surrounds the entire room. It stops mold spores from further spreading to other areas of the home. It drifts into air ducts and penetrates behind walls. One treatment is all it takes to get your home clean and free of mold and harmful pathogens. Our mold remediation services come with a one year guarantee. If you find mold again within a year, we’ll make it right. 

Rid Your Home or Business of Mold and Pathogens in Fresno Today!

My Pure Environment provides mold cleaning services to homes and businesses in the entire Greater Fresno Area and around these Fresno landmarks:

Fresno Yosemite Int’l Airport

River Park Shopping Center

Forestiere Underground Gardens

Call (559) 315-1818 for mold inspection, mold testing, and mold removal in Fresno, California. My Pure Environment services homes and businesses in Visalia, CA and Madera, CA.

We also serve Contra Costa County, CA Alameda County CA, San Mateo County CA, San Francisco County, and Santa Clara County CA.