Mold Removal Company in Richmond, CA

Demolition-Free Mold Remediation in Richmond

Discovering a potential mold issue in your home or office can lead to health risks. Even worse, it can lead to the eviction of the space you worked so hard to build. This is why it’s crucial to find a mold removal company that has your loved ones’ protection in mind.  At My Pure Environment, we offer mold testing, inspection and remediation in Richmond, CA. Our patented dry-fog technology can be used in homes, workspaces, gyms, automobiles and even daycares!

Mold Testing & Inspection in Richmond

At My Pure Environment, we believe that knowing is half the battle. That’s why we offer full-scale inspection services to ensure that the type of mold that has infiltrated your space can be safely removed. Getting to the root of the issue and finding out the true cause allows us to keep you and your close ones healthy. Our affordable prices only affirm our dedication to the highest level of service in air quality testing, direct tape samples, swab samples, bulk samples, and additional testing methods. 

Mold Remediation in Richmond, CA

In the event your home or office returns a positive test for mold, our remediation services go above and beyond to not only remove visible evidence of mold, but microscopic spores as well. In traditional mold remediation, some demolition is necessary and many items will need to be replaced that have been contaminated. At My Pure Environment, we can personally guarantee that our dry-fog system maintains the cleanliness and protection of your belongings. Our two-step process is protective and reliable. Give us a call today for mold testing or removal services in Richmond, CA.