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When you have a mold problem, you need a solution quickly. Our mold removal company in San Francisco is standing by at (866) 472-5405. Give us a call today for safe, quick, and effective mold remediation in San Francisco, including Santa Clara. Check out reviews from our satisfied customers!

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Safe & Effective Mold Removal in San Francisco, including Santa Clara

 can grow in a variety of moist environments, such as bathrooms, basements, and crawl spaces. It’s also a common result of flooding or leaks in your home or office. Mold exposure is dangerous for your health and its presence is not always obvious because the spores are invisible to the naked eye. The most efficient way to detect and remove mold is with testing and remediation from local professionals. 

My Pure Environment is an experienced mold inspection and removal company in San Francisco, CA. We use dry fog technology that is both safe and effective at removing mold and harmful pathogens from your home or office building. We’ve been helping residents remove mold from their San Francisco Bay Area homes and businesses for over a decade. 

We offer a free on-site consultation to fully assess the quality of your air and check for the presence of dangerous black mold. Once the mold has been removed, we’ll conduct another inspection to make sure the mold or pathogen problem is gone. Our mold removal services are not only thorough, they’re also fast, safe, and affordable. 

No Demolition with Dry Fog Mold Removal in San Francisco

​Our mold remediation method uses patented dry fog technology to remove mold and prevent it from spreading, without having to damage walls, ceilings, or belongings. As a mold removal company, our primary concern is your health and safety. Our sterilant is EPA approved to be safe for both people and pets. Dry fogging means there’s no residue left behind after the mold has been removed.

Fast & Affordable Mold Remediation Methods

​Because our mold remediation methods are demolition-free and completely dry, you won’t have to invest in replacing your home or office furniture. Plus, dry fogging blankets the entire room to prevent the mold problem from spreading to other parts of the house. With our removal methods, one quick and affordable treatment will take care of your mold problem. We’ll get you results fast, and the first time. Our mold remediation methods are the only services in San Francisco with a one-year guarantee.

Immediate Mold Testing and Inspection for Bay Area Residents

The sooner a mold issue is treated, the better. Prolonged exposure to mold leads to mold toxicity and various respiratory illnesses. At My Pure Environment, improving the health of our community is extremely important to us. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you suspect mold is growing in your San Francisco Bay Area home or office—even if you are unsure of the source. Immediate mold inspection and remediation will protect your health as well as your property.

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My Pure Environment offers free consultations to homes and businesses in and around these San Francisco areas:

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Call (866) 472-5405 for mold inspection, mold testing, and mold removal in San Francisco, California. My Pure Environment services homes and businesses in Santa Clara County, CA, and Alameda County, CA.

We also serve Santa Clara CA and Oakland CA.