Mold Removal Company in South San Francisco, CA

Demolition-Free Mold Remediation in South San Francisco

Mold sensitivity can lead to sneezing, runny nose, and skin rash. And this is just a mild reaction. For this reason, it’s so important to hire a mold removal company you can trust—for the sake of your health and those around you.

Mold Testing & Inspection in South San Francisco 

A comprehensive mold inspection involves an expert consultation, a visual inspection of the entire space, full lab testing, and a solution-driven recommendation for the issue. This service in addition to our patented dry fog technology is guaranteed to eliminate the mold invading your home or office building. Our goal above all else is to ensure the health and safety of those in contact with mold. 

Mold Remediation in South San Francisco

At My Pure Environment, our dry fog technology eradicates mold spores on even the most difficult of surfaces without the need for demolition. Mold types like black mold only need to appear in a very fine amount in order to cause harm to those exposed. Therefore, it is critical that the remediation process is timely and effective. Contact us today for your mold inspection and remediation needs in South San Francisco.