Mold Testing in Spokane, WA

Even though Spokane doesn’t get as much rain as coastal Washington cities like Seattle, it does have some very snowy winters. With an average of 44 inches of snow every year, many buildings in Spokane suffer water damage from melting snow. Roof leaks, burst pipes, and clogged gutters can all cause the types of water damage that attracts mold. Even soggy carpets from snowy boots can give mold an opportunity to grow. Indoor mold spreads quickly, as long as there’s enough humidity, and sometimes it can be hazardous to your health. That’s why mold testing in Spokane, WA, is so important.

If there’s mold in your home, you need testing for two reasons:

  1. To find out how much mold you’re dealing with
  2. To find out exactly what kind of mold is infesting your environment

Testing for Toxic Mold

A clocktower in Spokane, WA, where My Pure Environment offers mold testing.

Some strains of mold produce mycotoxins that can trigger allergies, cause respiratory infections, and have other ill effects on your health. However, toxic mold often grows hidden behind walls or ceiling tiles, in your HVAC ducts or the attic insulation. If you have symptoms of mold sickness, you’ll need to get mold testing to find out if it’s the source of your health problems.

Mold is a health hazard that can cause or complicate a wide variety of illnesses. It can affect everything from your respiratory system to your mental health. Seasonal allergies that never seem to go away, frequent asthma attacks, irritated skin and eyes, chronic headaches, and depression can all be symptoms of mold sickness.

Only lab testing can determine exactly which strains of mold are present and reveal any toxic or allergenic molds that could pose health hazards. If you are suffering from what you believe to be a mold allergy or mold-related illness, knowing which strains are present could help your doctor make a diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment. 

Why Home Mold Test Kits Are Not Accurate

Home mold test kits may seem like an inexpensive alternative, but they only measure airborne spores. Since mold is so prevalent, many types of spores could be floating around in the air, whether or not indoor mold is present. Home test kits simply aren’t an accurate representation of the type of mold or the amount of mold you’re dealing with.

If you need lab testing, it’s included in our complete inspection, which starts at $399. We take samples from the air, from surfaces, and from accumulated dust to make a full-spectrum analysis. The samples are then tested by an independent, third-party lab, so you know the results will be accurate and unbiased.

Schedule a FREE Mold Testing in Spokane, WA

When you go with My Pure Environment, your initial inspection is always free. We’ll investigate the entire building from top to bottom, inside and out, looking for signs of mold. We’ll let you know what we find, and if you need further mold testing, we can upgrade you to our complete inspection package and start taking air and surface samples.

If you’ve been having symptoms of mold sickness, or you’ve noticed a pervasive, musty smell, don’t delay! Getting rid of the mold in your home could significantly improve your health and well-being. Our professional mold removal services come with a one-year, mold-free guarantee. Give our Spokane office a call at 509-213-1915 or schedule your free mold inspection online today.