Mold Removal Company in Walnut Creek, CA

Demolition-Free Mold Remediation in Walnut Creek

Your residential or commercial space in Walnut Creek, CA, is no place for mold. But mold is a silent and often unseen enemy—it can lurk in undetectable amounts causing health issues like sneezing, dry eyes, and runny nose. At My Pure Environment, we offer mold testing, inspection and remediation for homes and offices in Walnut Creek, CA.

Mold Testing & Inspection in Walnut Creek

At My Pure Environment, we offer a free consultation to guide you towards the next steps in getting rid of your mold problem. Only then do we recommend our comprehensive inspection services which include an onsite consultation with an expert, a visual inspection of the full space, full lab testing with samples and reports, and next-step recommendations. Your health and safety are our top priority which is why we can’t risk being unsure.

Mold Remediation in Walnut Creek

Our patented dry fog system eliminates mold spores on contact. This demolition-free technology makes it so that don’t have to worry about your belongings in the process. Safe for animals and humans, we strive for long-term protection with the guarantee that our system prevents harmful pathogens and microscopic mold spores from continuing to spread. Give us a call today for mold testing or removal services in Walnut Creek, CA!