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If you’ve noticed powdery white mildew on your cannabis plant leaves or soil, or a brown splotchy stain on the walls in your grow room, you may be facing a mold problem.

Treating Cannabis Plants for Mold

If you’ve noticed powdery white mildew on your cannabis plant leaves or soil, or a brown splotchy stain on the walls in your grow room, you may be facing a mold problem. Mold on marijuana plants is not uncommon. For new, or first-time growers, it can be downright difficult to avoid. Learning your lesson the hard way with mold is often costly and dangerous. 

Don’t let mold affect your cannabis yield. You can stop mold before it ruins your harvest. My Pure Environment’s patented dry fog technology is the only solution for helping save marijuana in the pre-bud phase that shows signs of mold. Additionally, our remediation system is safe and effective at removing mold on weed plants without harming the plant itself.

How Mold Affects Marijuana Plants

When you see mold on the marijuana plants in your grow room, you might feel a pit drop in your stomach. Bud rot from mold damages the flowers of the cannabis plant to the point where it can not be safely consumed. 

Discovering mold on your weed and having to throw it out can definitely feel devastating. When mold has infested a large crop, the loss is even more acute and disappointing because it represents thousands of dollars of lost product. 

If mold grows unchecked, it can spread like wildfire. Once the mold has infected your marijuana plants, there’s very little you can do to save it. You could lose your entire harvest to bud rot or root rot. The most cost-effective way to deal with mold in your CBD grow room is to prevent it from growing in the first place.

Identifying Mold on Marijuana Plants

The first signs of mold often start with smells. In general, a moldy bud will have an off-putting smell when compared to a healthy bud. Moldy weed smells kind of like musty hay. The most common types of molds that are found on cannabis (or “weed”) are white powdery mildew, bud rot, and root rot.

White Powdery MildewBud RotRoot Rot
Identify ItLook for a soft, white substance on the leaves and stemsLook for a greyish color, smell it, break it open and inspectDrooping plant, brown, slimy, twisted roots
Prevent ItA clean grow room and adequate airflowCheck plants often; snip off & toss any infected budsBe careful with your watering—do not overwater

How to Get Rid of Mold on Cannabis Plants

The best way to get rid of mold on cannabis plants in your grow room is to dispose of any moldy weed immediately, then have the area professionally treated. This will stop the mold growth in its tracks and save the rest of the crop. 

Because it’s never safe to smoke moldy weed, mold prevention is the best long-term solution. To prevent mold from growing on weed plants, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure there’s plenty of ventilation and good airflow in the space. 
  2. Prune the plants as they grow. Focus more on the lower half of the plant—this will improve airflow the most. Fans can be used to increase air circulation. 
  3. You could also burn sulfur in your grow room. This is a preventative measure and not a treatment. Sulfur helps prevent mold spores from taking root on any surface that has burned sulfur particles on it. But remember, it won’t kill mold that has already set in! 

Preventing mold in an outdoor crop is a little trickier since you can’t control the weather. High humidity that leaves moisture on your plants could become a major problem. The best prevention method for outdoor growth is to adequately prune your plants for increased airflow. After it rains, you can give each weed plant a gentle shake to remove the water droplets.

Treating Bud Rot

While there are some ways to safely treat a small amount of mold, you need to use caution. You must also dispose of any flowers with bud rot. After that, you need to make sure your space is mold-free. 

Seeking professional help is always your best course of action. It’s never a good idea to tussle with a serious mold infestation on your own—you could spread mold to other areas. Removing mold is also a major health hazard, and without the proper personal protective equipment, you could become sick. 

The best solution for dealing with a mold breakout is to call a professional mold remediation company to handle the mold for you. My Pure Environment can help you deal with mold on your cannabis plants. Our fast, effective, and environmentally safe mold remediation will nip your mold problem in the bud. 

If you ever find mold on your marijuana plants, act immediately! Call the experts at My Pure Environment right away. We offer free online consultations as well as virtual inspections. We have also been proudly servicing San Francisco, Oakland, and Santa Clara CA for twenty years.

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